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Brad's Trip to Taiwan & Japan


CMI Director Brad Winsted visiting Taiwan where he gave multiple training seminars. The Chinese translation of CMI materials has been going well. We now have Series A through E translated.

From March 23 to March 30 CMI Director Brad Winsted was in Taipei, Taiwan giving seminars and holding meetings concerning the translation of the "Bible Building Block of the Faith" curriculum. The talks were well received and the audiences were full of enthusiastic students, teachers, seminarians and interested parents.





From March 31 to April 4 Brad was in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan looking to start a translation in Japanese. 
Brad thanks everyone for their prayers.






CMI Director Travels to Far East

 Brad Winsted, CMI Director CMI Director, Brad Winsted traveled to Taiwan at the end of March to give several seminars concerning the use of CMI translated materials in Chinese. Many of you have seen or heard of our ongoing Chinese Translations.

Several years ago CMI entered into an arrangement with the Reformed Translation Fellowship Publishing Company in Taipei, Taiwan ( to translate the Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum into Chinese. We now sell more of the Building Blocks curriculum in Chinese than in English and only six of the 14 series has been translated.

Now Brad has had the opportunity to actually go to Taiwan and share how CMI developed and currently teaches our materials.

We are praying that more and more of CMI 'a material can be translated into Chinese.

While Brad was traveling he had the opportunity to stop in Tokyo, Japan and spoke with publishing companies about the possibility of translating some CMI material into Japanese.



Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum

The materials, CMI has developed and placed into 14 visual series, take a building block approach of foundational and systematic questions and answers to teach children the basics of Christianity. Each series contains five to eight lessons. Although each series can stand alone; when taken together the child is taught each basic doctrine of the Bible as it is outlined in the "Catechism for Young Children" of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Colorful, flannelboard lessons.The questions and answer approach to a subject has been a proven and effective way to transmit truths for centuries. Each lesson contains full color flannelboard visuals of foundational and systematic questions, memory verses, and Bible lessons supplemented by a Series Theme Song, Scripture Songs, Review Games and Creative Expression (craft). 

For Sunday Schools, Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools each lesson takes from 1 to 3 sessions depending on the age of the student.

To see all 14 series click here.

Bible Building Blocks of the Faith PowerPoint® Presentation slideshow is also available.

Bible Building Blocks of the Faith - Spanish Version. is also available.

Welcome to CMI

Children pointing to flannelgraph lesson

Children's Ministry International (CMI) is reaching children for Christ by providing non-consumable, non-dated, non-graded resources for:

  • Sunday School
  • Home School
  • Bible Clubs
  • Vacation Bible School

 The colorful lessons were written for children ages 4-12 to help them to grasp important Biblical truths.  This material is multi-age, non-dated, and reusable.

Bible Building Blocks of the Faith

Each Series Pack includes:

  • Text book
  • Packet of self-adhesive flocked Paper
  • Packet of full color flannel board visuals
  • Song CD

 The textbooks contain 5 - 7 lessons on a particular theme.  These lessons are divided into Questions with answers, Memory Verses, and Bible Lessons.  There is a Theme Song, Scripture Songs, Review Games, and Creative Expression/Crafts, as well.

Additional Teaching MaterialsAdditional Materials to help you teach each Series include:

  • Coloring Books
  • Color Border Memory Verse Cards
  • Visualized Songs
  • Songbooks
  • Additional Song CD's
  • Extra Text Books

Home-Schoolers can use a Text book, and Coloring Books instead of visuals for a big savings!

Equipping the Saints

CMI is committed to bring training to any church or group regardless of size, location, or denomination. During the training, teachers are equipped to explain the gospel message to unsaved children and challenge saved children to walk more boldly in the Spirit. In addition, teachers are instructed in how to assemble and use the flannelboard visual aids for more effective teaching. See more information about Seminars.

Blessings of Evangelizing the Lost

Many children's and teacher's lives have been transformed through the teaching of the CMI curricula.  This change is evident as they gain a desire to live in obedience to the Lord.

This is just a part of the CMI story.  The full story of how God has changed the lives of children and their teachers who have responded to Him will not be known until Jesus returns.

CMI produces Reformed educational material for children related and relevant to the Westminster Confession Catechisms; Reformed Sunday School materials, children's catechisms; Vacation Bible School; Children's Church; Christian Holiday Celebrations; Advent materials; home devotions; shorter Catechism; Reformation Day celebrations; and Christian Character Building curriculum.

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