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BBB Curriculum Translated

  • Seminar in Kiev
  • Seminar in Kiev
  • Seminar in Kiev
  • Seminar in Pentecostal Church

CMI Curriculum Translated into Other Languages

Teaching CMI Spanish Materials in Uruguay. CMI has translated all of its Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum into Spanish.Teaching CMI Spanish Materials in Uruguay. CMI has translated all of its Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum into Spanish.

CMI has translated its materials  into Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Tagalog, Arabic and now Chinese.

Many Spanish speaking countries in Latin America have used our materials (Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Chile) along with Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Philippines, Ukraine, Middle Eastern countries and Taiwan.

Here is a testimony from one of our mission schools in the Ukraine:

"Dear Brad,

 On behalf of the pastors and teachers of Sunday schools of a lot of churches of various denominations, on behalf  of our church we express our deep gratitude for the  CMI curriculum called “Bible Cubes of Faith” which has become a true blessing for the evangelical churches of Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.  This curriculum has found a wide response among Christian Baptists, Charismatics, Pentecostals and, of course, Presbyterian churches of those countries. We hope that this blessing will soon reach Russian churches in the USA as well.

The CMI curriculum called “Bible Cubes of Faith” consisting of 14 series has been translated by the Odessa Charity Fund called “Sodeistvie” working for MTW.  Children’s Sunday school of our church (the Odessa Presbyterian church of Odessa) has been using this curriculum for ten years. Also the Christian Elementary school called “Dawn” (“Rassvet”) has been giving biblical lessons according to it 

At first this curriculum was presented in Kiev in 1999 during the exhibition called “Materials for children’s ministers’, however it had not been published. We could only make several copies of each series in order to provide the Presbyterian churches of Ukraine with this curriculum since we weren’t sure that it would be approved by the other denominations. God had different thoughts: at the very first presentation we received about 145 orders although at that moment we had no financial means to publish it. However, the same year God, with His mercy through Elizabeth Stanton made the hearts of our brothers and sisters from the USA in favor of donating some amount on printing the curriculum.

In the summer of 2003 and 2004 in our Odessa church summer vocational camps were held for the children of various ages using the curriculum “Bible Cubes of Faith”.

Since 2004 Sunday school in another Presbyterian church of Odessa started to work.  The teachers were glad to begin with this curriculum and see what fruits of faith God produced in the children’s hearts.

In the summer of 2005 upon the help of the team of missionaries and Odessa Evangelic Presbyterian church there was arranged and held a week long children camp in Izmail on the basis of “Bible Cubes of Faith” curriculum.

Twice we have been invited to Kiev to give a seminar; we have been invited again for this coming fall. In April 2005 upon the invitation of one of the Charismatic churches of Rostov-on-the Don, Russia, we gave a seminar on using the curriculum “Bible Cubes of Faith”. It was a great success and they started to use the curriculum on the regular basis. We were secretly told that they also used it for adults while accepting into the church membership.

In February 2006 the Publishing House together with the ministry of Odessa High School held a seminar “Bible Cubes of Faith” for the churches of different denominations of Odessa.  About 45 people from Presbyterian churches of Odessa, Izmail, Kherson, Nikolaev, Belgorod-Dniestrovsky as well as from Odessa churches of different denominations (Baptist, Penticostals, Charismatic) took part in the seminar. According to the comments of the participants the seminar went very well.

Several months later the leadership of the Pentecostals Union of Odessa Region invited us to give a seminar for their churches where over 100 teachers from 50 churches were present. After the seminar those churches started to use the curriculum to teach their children in their Sunday schools.

A lot of Charismatic, Pentecostals and Baptist churches as well as our Odessa Christian school have been using the curriculum and continue to thank for it.

We see God using the curriculum to spread up strong biblical reformed doctrines in Ukraine and the countries of the former USSR.

          We are expressing gratitude personally to you, the authors and all who worked over it."



Update from our Chinese Translator

May 15, 2017

 Hello Brad,

Series G will be published in late May or early June. We plan to publish Series H in December 2017.

We just held 4 open seminars around Taiwan and two teachers training workshops at two individual churches
win April and May. Joanne flew to China to introduce BBB in two cities right after your departure. After those open seminars, e
received several invitations from churches either for further training or giving introduction. We will continue to video and upload Series F, G training courses and your workshops on CRTS TV in June and August and get to start to do Series H in order to meet the publication schedule in December. We think above all are overwhelming to us for we still have at least 6-7 titles need to be done and publish in 2017.

Thank you for your understanding and please keep us in your prayer.  We face not only shipping or distribution difficulties but also finance and workers shortage issues. Thank you so much.

Helen Lin
Reformation Translation Fellowship Publishing Company

From March 23 to March 30 CMI Director Brad Winsted was in Taipei, Taiwan giving seminars and holding meetings concerning the translation of the "Bible Building Block of the Faith" curriculum. The talks were well received and the audiences were full of enthusiastic students, teachers, seminarians and interested parents.





From March 31 to April 4 Brad was in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan looking to start a translation in Japanese. 
Brad thanks everyone for their prayers.






CMI's Bible Building Blocks of the Faith in Taiwanese

February, 2016

Just received the following information on publishing details for CMI's Bible Building Blocks of the Faith in Taiwan.

Three series (Series A- The Who What Why How of Creation; Series B- Questions and Answers about God; and Series C- God's Wonderful Library) along with the Catechism for Young Children, Color Visuals and Song CD's have now been published by the Reformation Translation Fellowship Publishing Company LTD, in Taipei, Taiwan. 
To date: 1940 complete Series of A, B and C have been sold; 700 additional text books for Series A, B, and C, around 2000 coloring books, 4500 Catechism booklets, and over a hundred Song CD's. Many more have been printed and are awaiting sale. There was a total of $35,140 of sales last year. Considering that the material sells for half of what it does in the USA, it would be like CMI selling around $70,000 worth of materials in America.

God willing another three series will be published next year (Series D- How Can I Know I will Live Forever; Series E- Covenants and Promises; and Series F- How to Fight the Deceiver).

Last year there were 23 Training workshops for hundreds of teachers held in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Many more are planned for 2016.

We are praying that it would be possible to send a CMI representative to Taiwan sometime later this year or in 2017 to help with the training workshops.

Update from our Chinese Translator

Series E translated into Chinese-The Taiwan based Reformation Fellowship Publishing Company just completed Series E: Covenants and Promises and it is now ready for sale and distribution.


Testimony From Our Chinese Translator

"Hello Brad,

Since we published series A and B, we already held 9 open workshops (3 in Jan., 2 in Feb., 1 in Mar. and 3 in April) around Taiwan and each one had around 30 to 60 persons to attend.  Soon after the workshop, we received several churches invitation to do an individual Sunday school teachers training.  We look forward to having 10 more workshops to come in May, June and September (poster and the sample lesson we provided for the attendees attached as well).  There has two workshops will be held by this Saturday in Hong Kong and more than 120 persons registered for each workshop already (poster attached).  Our original plan of HK workshop is only one for 80 persons.  But, God wants us to do it bigger.  So, it becomes two workshops for more than 120 persons each.  This will be a great challenge for us not because of many attendees but also the language barrier.  As we know the attendees come from different provinces of China and HK.  They might not be that good in Mandarin.

Most of the feedbacks we got from the attendees are very positive and they are amaze by the riches of the content and could not believe that we could teach kids in such systematic and solid Gospel foundation truth.  At the same time because of the content many of them feel a bit hesitate to apply this material in their teaching for they feel their insufficiency and could not deliver it or handle kids questions well.  It more like we have to encourage and equip teachers first.  But it is worthy and valuable task to do so.  Now, we keep on sharing several churches weekly Sunday school video and ask a pastor to record his teaching for his teachers for applying this material at their church.   As long as they join as our facebook friend, then they could be able to access those resources. 

Series A textbook will be printed another 1000 copies by this month and we are looking forward to publishing series C in June.


A Letter From Our Chinese Translator

"Hi Brad, 

We are happy to notify you that last Friday we officially released “Bible Building Blocks” Series A and Catechism for Children booklet (attached one of our advertisements as a reference).

Many people already gave us very positive feedbacks. 

We will send 6 copies of the Chinese translated Series A as soon as possible.   
Edit Text

We have few questions related to this curriculum which will help our marketing persons to give further reference to our customers.

1. How many languages been published?  
CMI has translated its materials  into Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Tagalog, Arabic and now Chinese 

2. How many copies have been sold since published?  CMI has been in operation since 1982 and selling the Bible Building Blocks of the Faith since 1985, therefore  thousands of copies of Series A have been sold, 95% in English.  We hope that will change in the years ahead.

3. How many countries have used this curriculum?   Many Spanish speaking countries in Latin America have used our materials (Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Chile) along with Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Philippines, Ukraine, Middle Eastern countries and Taiwan.

Thank you again for giving us such great privilege to be part of your wonderful ministry.

May God bless your hard work to build a solid foundation for the younger generations. 

Sincerely yours, 

Helen "

2014 Calendar for Arabic Building Blocks of Faith Curriculum

"Dear Brad & George,

New Year Greetings!

Hope you are encouraged by the attached final draft of a 2014 calendar
promoting the Arabic Building Blocks of Faith curriculum. It is being
distributed over the holidays. (Many Middle Eastern churches celebrate
Christmas on January 6 and 7.) Pray that through it many more Arab churches
will commit to using this great tool to solidly ground families in God's

Thank you for your partnership,
Lisa "